What we do



Our team of photographers travel the world to shoot stunning live action photos from leading sporting events.
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Photographer's equipment

Canon EOS 1DX (lenses 14 mm > 500 mm) or
Nikon D4S – D5 (lenses 14 mm > 600 mm)
Laptop (Lightroom® - Photoshop®)
Autonomous file transmission

Studio equipment

Studio Elinchrom Ranger RX 3 flashes and Elinchrom backdrop
Studio Elinchrom Style RX 3 flashes and 120 & 190 mm lightboxes




Design studio

In 2009, the Agency set-up a design studio to complement its photographic work. Producing an impressive catalogue of creative work, specialising in digital and printed magazines, flyers, event-branding, logos, designer books and photographic compilations.

We are experts using Illustrator, Photoshop and Indesign.

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